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An online library of various newspapers with articles categorized and indexed

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IAS Data, an online platform with a robust facility for dynamic searching of the contents of news/ articles from English newspapers, particularly from The Hindu.

During the course of personal interaction with a large number of IAS aspirants, it finally dawned upon me that a large, a very large number of aspirants were frittering away a large chunk of their precious time:
1. In keeping in store the cuttings of important news/ articles from various newspapers, and enduring a disappointment, facing a catastrophe when despite best efforts of indexing and categorizing these pieces of paper, the papers were not found in time.
2. In preparing notes of news/ articles published in English newspapers, and more so,
3. Roaming around on search on Google of various topics of importance with various permutations and combinations of search tags

This website is a solution to all these misdemeanors.

I myself was creating a huge database of various articles published in English newspapers, categorized on the basis of pre-defined topics, sub-topics, date of publication, caption, link and finally the news/ article itself (though formatted/ edited a bit, to elaborate the contents more lucidly and coherently). Though, this database served a large number of aspirants, but it (the database) being saved in local computer, was out of reach of thousands of aspirants and needy ones. Many times, the contents of this database were shared among the needy ones using emails or cloud services of shared folders.
This website presents before you the contents/news/articles of Current Affairs taken from various newspapers, particularly The Hindu, topic-wise. And, with a topic and its sub-topic, the newspaper selected from the dropdown menus and duration, you get almost all the reporting with report’s link of newspaper, and news itself.
This is absolutely free.

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